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28 окт 2021, 9:55
Mobile gantry crane also known as portable gantry crane, small gantry crane, simple gantry crane, is a kind of mobile light lifting equipment, light gantry crane. This crane is equipped with a manual (electric) hoist for lifting and landing heavy objects. The distinguishing feature from other gantry cranes is that can be used to move freely on ordinary concrete floors using a universal wheel. Portable gantry crane is convenient to use in any place where a suspended crane can’t use.

The mobile gantry crane steel structure design is reasonable, can withstand 500 ~ 5000KG weight, span up to 10 meters distance. This portable gantry crane especially suitable for workshop equipment installation, handling, debugging, the loading and unloading of goods on the car, lifting large parts of the engine in the auto repair shop, etc.

Mobile gantry crane with brake load-bearing universal wheel can be freely moved on the ground, through the matching with electric hoist or chain hoist and monorail trolley, to achieve crane mechanical. Mobile gantry crane can reduce manpower, reduce production and operating costs, improve work efficiency.

Mobile gantry crane features
Lightweight gantry cranes can be simply split into several easy-to-carry parts and quickly assembled in another location where they are used. This feature is beneficial in many situations. I-steel trackless gantry crane can lift up to 5 tons

Prefabricated standard modular design makes expansion and removal easier
Easy to install on any flat hardened floor
Wide applicability, can be applied in many material handling environments
Very affordable for a single unit of work
Lightweight installation reduces installation time and costs
Increase staff satisfaction
Achieve a safe operating environment
Optional manual hoist or electric hoist
Mobile gantry crane application
The simple gantry crane has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, large working space, wide application scope, low investment and quick start-up. Mobile gantry crane is applicable to mold manufacturing and installation, auto repair factory, mine, construction site and lifting occasions.

Mobile Gantry Crane
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