What should I do if there is a crack in the electric chain hoist cable? - Zarządzanie projektami - teoria i praktyka



28 окт 2021, 5:36
Electric chain hoist is driven by electric power. If the motor is the heart of the electric chain hoist, then the cable can be regarded as the blood vessel of the electric chain hoist, transmitting energy and instructions to various components. As an electric power lifting equipment, it is important to pay attention to handling the power cord of the electric chain hoist. In the long-term use, it is inevitable that the cable will be damaged by accidental dragging, pressing or other reasons, which will affect the normal operation of the electric chain hoist. Do we need to change at this time?

The answer cannot be said to be affirmative. It should be judged according to the aging degree of the electric chain hoist cable. The insulating rubber sleeve outside the power cord mainly serves as insulation and protection to prevent us from accidents due to electric shock. If the power cord is frequently folded back and forth or severely rubbed during storage or movement, causing cracks on the surface, you should use insulating tape to paste the surface. If there are many aging phenomena in the cable, it is for everyone's sake. For safety considerations, it is recommended that you do not use the matching cables that need to be replaced in time.

Note: The repaired power cord must be kept in a safe place, otherwise the parts bound by the tape will easily become loose. In addition, the electric chain hoist should be kept away from the water source as much as possible to prevent leakage of electricity after the wire gets wet, which may bring us safety hazards.

What should I do if there is a crack in the electric chain hoist cable?
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