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28 окт 2021, 5:05
In the production of enterprises, single-girder bridge cranes are widely used because of their low price, simple installation and convenient operation. However, many people have limited understanding of single-girder bridge cranes. The editor will introduce the single-girder bridge cranes for everyone. The composition of the structure Crane for sale .

Single-girder bridge cranes are widely used in workshops, factories, warehouses, stockyards, industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industries, railway transportation, ports and docks to lift goods in different occasions, and are prohibited from being used in flammable, explosive, and corrosive media environments.

The single beam bridge crane is composed of a main beam, two end beams, a cart operating mechanism, a wire rope electric hoist, and an electrical control system; the bridge host is composed of a main beam and two end beams, and the cart operating mechanism is connected by high-strength bolts ; The trolley operating mechanism consists of two motors, two reducers, and four running wheels (two active and two driven) installed on the two sides of the end beam; the electric wire rope hoist consists of the trolley operating mechanism, hoisting mechanism, and electrical system Composition; the trolley running mechanism consists of a motor, a reducer, a small wheel, and an electric. It is installed under the main beam of the bridge crane to move left and right along the main beam, at a normal speed of 20m/min; the lifting mechanism is composed of a motor, a reducer, a reel and The shell, wire rope, hook, and electrical components are installed under the running trolley for ascending and descending operations. There are two types of single-speed and double-speed;

The electrical control system consists of the mainframe cart control box (DK box), electric hoist control box (CD/MD box), overload limiter, fire limiter, travel switch, remote control, collector, seamless sliding contact line , Drop wheel, towing cable, wire drawing, rope buckle, flange bolts and other accessories;

The wearing parts of single-beam bridge cranes include brake ring, rope guide, buffer, travel switch, hoisting reel, and current collector.

The single-beam bridge crane is used in conjunction with the CD1 single-speed electric hoist and the MD1 two-speed electric hoist. It is a light and small hoisting machinery. It belongs to the intermediate work system, and its lifting capacity is 1t-20t. The standard span is 7.5-31.5m. The working level is single beam A3-A5, and the working environment temperature is -25℃~40℃. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Detailed description of single girder bridge crane composition
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