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7 апр 2020, 13:57
Hi :-)

I am looking for a good template for managing projects and tasks. I have a lot of small projects I manage and want to find someting simple and not complicated.

If anyone can help me, thanks!


8 апр 2020, 16:42
If we are talking aboult true project management - I'd recommend you - don't use Excel!!! It's not designed for these things. You would better use Microsoft Project or any other cheaper (there are even free ones) version eg Turboproject.

In general each project is different so templates usually aren't very helpful. It's better to get used to thinking in terms of a Work Breakdown Structure. Let's think of all the things you need to deliver, what needs to be delivered in order to deliver them... Then build your plan around this pattern.


8 апр 2020, 21:42
"A template for managing projects and tasks" is so generic a requirement. That's like saying "A template for doing stuff."

What do you mean, exactly?


9 апр 2020, 9:32
Thanks for the replies. Yes, a template for "doing stuff" is exactly what I am talking about, which is what I do, stuff. I'll stick to to do lists


9 апр 2020, 10:00
Try, they have several free templates for download, you may find what you're looking for.
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