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14 янв 2020, 13:07
I have got a question for those who have already done PMP Certificate. How long have you been planing to take this? Did you fill out any application? Did you have a certain amount of time after your application is accepted to complete the exam?

Thank you in advance


14 янв 2020, 17:06

You have 90 days to take the exam from the time your application is approved.


17 янв 2020, 7:42
Hi all
I applied to PMI using on-line application and after 10 days I found out that I was approved for taking the exam.



18 янв 2020, 11:20
Laura and others:

Did you use the exam simulator on the PM FastTrack CD from RMC? I have been looking for sample exams and wonder if this CD is of value for exam preparation.

Thank you, all :-)


29 фев 2020, 8:49
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