PM Qualifications - Necessity or nice to have? - PM Training / Education / Certification



7 дек 2019, 16:35

Nowadays, one of my career aim is to become a project manager.

I am only starting my career (1 year)
I lead some minor site- day-to-day functional duties.

While I'm sure this is really different in many industries but generally- are PM academic qualifications a benefit in getting into PM roles?

How about certification from the PMI or IPMA?
Thank you for your comments - I really appreciate your help.


9 дек 2019, 21:22

From my experience it is more and more popular to see PMI certifications as a job requirements for people in the project management positions.


10 дек 2019, 8:32
Different companies have different 'philosophy' on the piece of paper, and if you have this knowledge and experience, It would be easier to you to have the certification.
Cornelius Fitchner of 'The PM Podcast' always askes guests at the end of his cast "What is more important Project Management Expertise or Subject Matter Expertise?" and the answers pretty much are split down the middle from my listening.
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